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V Furs LondonV Furs is one of the UK's leading fur retailers in the UK.  We offer a bespoke fur service, and are able to make exceptional quality and luxurious fur coats to your exact specifications. 

We specialise in all types of fur, but in particular we work with the finest quality Mink, Chinchilla, Sable, Rabbit and Fox furs.

Vintage Furs

Aside from our new furs we also have a vintage and pre owned section, which showcases a select range of pre loved, excellent quality furs, all of which have passed our strict quality standards.

Fur Remodelling/Repairs and Alterations

We offer a full fur repair, remodelling and alteration service. Want to breathe fresh life into your furs? Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Fur Storage

V Furs offers a professional fur storage service at very competitive prices.  (Look after your beloved furs and they will continue to look stunning and last a lifetime)!


Saga Furs is a recognised hallmark within the fur industry. The highest quality criteria operating in accordance with all international guidelines and legislation on biodiversity.  Saga mink is OA label-certified mink. It is versatile, hard wearing, durable and of exceptional quality from Scandinavia. Decades of experience and outstanding wormanship guarantee products of exceptional quality.